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The Power Space originated from the desire to share the creative energy, originality and freedom that we found in the art world. A way of thinking, seeing, and acting that lies beneath our intrinsic motivation, enthusiasm and curiosity.

We work with a network of creatives from different disciplines. This allows us to offer a variety of artistic skills and strategies in our training programs and innovation events. 

We select the trainer or combination of trainers to fit your vision from our network of artists, filmmakers, writers, designers, actors, directors and musicians, but also yoga instructors, scientists, asc-counselers or breathwork coaches.

Marthe Sophie

Since 2007 I design community art projects around the world. From the Burundian countryside to the SciencePark in Amsterdam, I use the creativity of participants to realise art projects. Creative Autonomy as a method to ignite creativity originated from these projects. It became apparent that how creativity works, and moreover, how it enlivens us, is the same for all of us, whoever we are.

Soon the method found demand outside the art world. By working with researchers and other trainers the method became an even more efficient and playful way to reignite creativity.

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