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Creative Autonomy

The imagination and creative process are a way of seeing, acting and thinking that is always available to you. They are the most powerful tools and guides for life and work. 


Our workshops and personal sessions are based on artistic strategies and contemporary neurological insights. It enables you to employ your imagination and creativity to reach your personal and professional goals.

The approach explores different aspects of your creative capabilities. They work with the power and scope of the imagination and open the creative process. They give insight into neurological and cognitive processes that underly your creative thinking. They train you in new practices that give you insight into how to create and thrive. They aim to liberate you from working within the scope of the brain, to instead, work with the scope of the brain. They will make you familiar with the possibilities of the imagination and your creative process to transform your life.

In multiple studies creative strategies have been shown to enhance personal performance, reduce stress, transform problem solving skills, and support people in reaching new goals. Creative strategies are structurally used by athletes, CEO’s and entrepreneurs to benefit their performance and thinking. Our practice reaches beyond these proven creative strategies;  it transforms the way you operate and approach life from the very core of who you are.

Benefits of engaging the creative process and imagination according to scientific studies:

Enhance personal performance (1)

Reduce Stress: Creativity lowers cortisol (2)

Transform problem solving skills (3)

Set and reach your goals (4)

Working with your creativity reduces stress, inspires, brings joy, rejuvenates your brain, and strengthens your visions and inner drive. It will bring more joy to your life, more play, smarter work, change your relationships, and it can even transform bad habits and addictions.

"Creativity is not a talent but a way of operating" - John Cleese

Creativiteit is een manier van kijken, denken en doen, die altijd toegankelijk voor je is. Je creativiteit is het een oneindige bron van ideeën, inzichten en visies; een magische tuin waar je kunt ronddwalen en inspiratie op kunt doen waar je ook bent.


Creatieve Autonomie is gebaseerd op inzicht in cognitieve en neurologische modellen en kunstenaars strategieën. Creativiteit staat aan de basis van alles wat je denkt, ziet en doet en Creatieve Autonomie biedt auteurschap over je creativiteit.

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